Friday, September 27, 2013

Writers of the Parapocalypse

Welcome to the blog of The Four Horsemen, we are the writers of the parapocalypse.

Today is the very first post on this blog and the first one is always a post where you want to make an impression, where you want to woo people with your awesomeness. The first blog post, however, is always a hard one for me. So, I thought the best topic for this first post would be to talk about friendship, teamwork and writing. 

I urge you, however, to check out the awesome description of The Four Horsemen in the left sidebar. Make sure to browse the rest of the links on the page as well.

The reason I want to talk about friendship, teamwork and writing is because that is the premise of The Four Horsemen. The four of us have been friends for quite a while and we have been working together as a team for about a year. About a month ago, we decided that we needed a name and hence, we became, The Four Horsemen. 

First and foremost, we are friends. Having met through social networking, which is a huge part of our careers. The team began simply as helping and supporting each other. We all have strengths and weaknesses that the others do not have, which is part of why working as a team can be so valuable.

Writing, is a passion for all of us and we are lucky enough to have each other, as well as a whole community of authors to share our passion with. This thing called writing is what brought us together and now we are lucky enough to have built friendships to last a lifetime.

Don’t think that working as a team is all roses and glitter though, shit hits the fan all the time. We learn through trial and error about this just like everything else in life. There are a ton of things about working as a team that are good, but when you have four writers with very different personalities all trying to get their way, things can go downhill pretty quickly. So, just like everyone else, we learn to communicate, to give in once in a while, and to be honest. These are the main components any team will need to survive.

We love doing things together as a team, which is the main reason for The Four Horsemen. There is something about the four of us and our chemistry together that people seem to like and we want to appease our audience, so this blog will be updated by all of us on a rotation. I promise, this blog is going to be fun, informational, and chalk full of the paranormal. So make sure to check in and see what’s happening here and there.

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the fall season. We have some great fall posts lined up for you all!

~Stay Hungry, 
   ~Famine, out...