Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Light'em up!

That has always been my motto.

When I come to visit you, it is not in the confines of your frilly, silly, safe dreams. No. I enjoy lurking in the unfathomable recesses of your most deep-seated nightmares; devouring the expression of utmost fear on your face firsthand, when you finally realize the reality of what my mere presence means- War has arrived.

Of the four of us, I am the one most in favor of conflict, in fact, you could say that I thrive on it. Through the ages, your society's constant desire to build something up only to tear it back has been my nourishment. I dine on your self-loathing, failed superiority, fear mongering, turmoil and inability to co-exist. For that I must thank you.

In the mundane routine of your daily lives, you don't realize that I am around just out of view spinning my amber webs of deceit. Like a mistress, I whisper to you, each of you exactly what needs to be said to entice you to spill the venom I have planted in your subconscious about your neighbor, friends, co-workers or even your wife.

As you can see, it's not only in far off lands that you try to fight me. I have infiltrated your very soul, your mind. Again, I must thank you. Because of that, I dine well. 

But, this is both, my gift and curse to you. You have been given free will and yet almost every time you chose to squander that freedom and seek me out. Unfortunately, you can never win where I am concerned. For I take neither side, I only devour everything.

Fight on!

No matter the outcome, I always win. ~ War

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